From low to, errrrrr, high!

This is going up late, I’d like to have a decent excuse, such as my computer caught fire, a sheep ate my hands.  But no, I did type it, but forgot.  Doh!  So, I’ve re-read, and fixed some bits etc.  So here goes.

A decent and clear day, with an early dart from home.  A banana and a vimto before I left.  Started out by myself, and it was a good hour before I met anyone else, which was grand.  Even then, it was a courteous ‘good morning’ and that was it.

It was a brand new walk, and once again I used the OS app on my phone.  It worked a like a dream, although, I was worried about the battery lasting.  I carried an OS Map, in my rucksack, and a photocopy of the important bits in my pocket.  As it was, the battery lasted well, and a decent walk was had.

This would be the last walk that I took out the ‘big dog’ camera, as I’ve bought a Nikon J1 mk 2, and I’ll be using that from here on in, so make the most of that SLR clarity!

The best part of the walk for me, was meeting a Scotsman, who was walking the pennine way.  I saw him saunter towards me, arms and trekking poles waving around, going at a fair old clip.  As he got nearer, I realised that he was in his 90’s, and I stopped for a chat with him.  A lovely guy, with a weathered and wrinkly face (should have taken a pic), and had a good chat, some bits went like this:

Me: So, you’re doing the Pennine Way then?

He: Och eye (he did speak like this!)

Me: Have you done it before?

He: This will be my third attempt, I gave up last time near Sheffield, only when I’ve done it, will I be ready to die, and I’ll die happy…..

Me: Well, take it easy, make sure that you get some decent rest days in, its a long old walk.

He: Nope, I’d rather be the tortoise, slow, and steady.

Me: Well, safe travels. By the way, how old are you, if you don’t mind me asking?

He: 95.

Actually quite inspirational, and I reflected on the conversation all the way back to the car, and then at home, I guess, if you’ve got a focus and goal, you’re more inclined to keep going for it. Amazing stuff.


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