God damn you iPhone!!!

Well, what a walk, what a day.  Jeepers.

I thought it would be shorter.  I thought it would be….  I looked at the map, I looked at the route.  20.3km.  It said 18, but I did a bit extra, so it came in at 20.3 km, or 12.61 miles.


Thats the furthest I’ve walked by about 5 miles. Quite the accomplishment!  I must admit that I was pleased with it, although, it was hard.  I’ve a problem with my right ankle, and it started to play up, so that slowed me down.  I’ve avoided getting walking poles, but I think I need them.  Damn.

It was the first time out with the Nikon J1 mk 2.  It performed OK.  Just OK.  Colours were a bit washed out, and some pictures were so far out of focus, it was woeful.  However, when it was good, it was really good. Captured the contrast of cloudy / sunny skies brilliantly.  I’ll give it another go, and see what happens.

It was also a weird one:

  • Walked up to the half way point, the top of Shining Tor, and was looking forward to seeing the magnificent views.  But no, there was a man on a big radio / CB thing, reminded me of Tony Hancock’s ‘The Radio Ham’.
  • Met a lovely walker, who was the spitting image of the lady from ‘In The Woods’ that get’s on Bill Bryson’s nerves.  She was lovely though, I thought she was going to walk off singing ‘Weeeeee’ve come so far….’.
  • My usual software that I use to measure distance, steps, and to map the route out, Walkmeter, didn’t work properly.  Id upgraded my phone to iOS11, beta, and it screwed it royally.  Gutted that this walk will be missing from the log on it.

The walk itself was great, from Whaley Bridge, up to Taxal, and past the church (where my gran is buried), onto Kettleshulme, and Shining Tor.  It was in spitting distance of ‘The Cat And Fiddle”, which was the highest pub in England at one point.  It’s not ay more though, plus, its shut, so not technically a pub.  Then a drop down into the beautiful Goyt Valley, down the length of the reservoir and then Fernilee Reservoir, and back to the car.

5 hours in all!!

A good day, and a good long walk.  Mucho fun!!!


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