My god, really? Fame sucks.

It’s a non-walky one this.

So, in my first blog post I mentioned that I’d lost some weight.  I did it through Slimming World.  I’m so lucky that my brilliant brilliant consultant is both inspiring and hilarious, and we get on really well too.  So when she suggested I enter the man of the year competition, it really wasn’t a problem, and I treated it as a bit of fun.  Well, why wouldn’t you?

So, 9 stone down in less than a year, and last Sunday was the Man Of The Year competition.  It was at the Slimming World HQ, and Emma and I went down.

I’d love to tell you that I won, Id love to tell you that… should give you an indication of the outcome, but, theres an embargo on it!

Anyway, I met Wayne Bridge (a celeb who is a footballer – yep, me neither) who was a lovely lovely chap.  Had to weigh in so they could check I wasn’t telling lies, and tell my story.


A few days before, with my say so, Emma had told some local papers, and I did a ‘phone’ interview, and thought nothing of it.

On Monday, much to the sales directors amusement, I was the number one hit in the Manchester Evening News website, and by Wednesday, I was front page news in The Stockport Express.


Joy…….I didn’t feel comfortable with the attention, but you know what, I love Emma, she’s amazing, and I owe her (and Slimming World) a massive debt. SO anything I can help her to get customers is all gravy.  The none syn kind obviously!

Plus, I wouldn’t be able to write this blog if it wasn’t for them, so, on balance, we’re all very cool!



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